Inner Demons Chapters Index and Glossary




Volume 1: Morning Rain in Wei City

Chapter 1: Lord Nine

Chapter 2: Officer Xing

Chapter 3: The Silly Goose

Chapter 4: The Psychologist

Chapter 5: The Night of Slaughter

Chapter 6: Emotions and Desires

Chapter 7: The Illuminated Jade Slips

Chapter 8: The Youngster

Chapter 9: The Painter

Chapter 10: The Swordsman

Chapter11: Pigs and Dogs


Series Name:Inner Demons (心魔, XinMo)


Genre: XianXia

Original Publisher: QiDian


The novel talked about the war between human cultivators and demons, and how they overcame or fell before their inner demons.

The main character was a teenager whose parents were murdered because they owned a powerful Taoist treasure. He struggled to survive in this chaotic fantasy world and tried to find a chance to avenge his parents. Meanwhile he discovered the top secrets behind this world.


Words on this page

  • [1]QinZhiHuaQing沁纸花青: Name of the author, literally means “flowers and greenery grow from the aromatic paper”.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Main characters

  • Li YunXin李云心: The main character. For the correct pronunciation, copy  the Chinese origin and paste it into Google Translate.
    Li=A family name which means “plum”.
  •  Liu刘: Family name of the old priest.

    Items and Creatures

  • ChiWen螭吻:One of the 9 sons of the dragon in Chinese mythology. Sculptures of ChiWen are widely used as decorations in Chinese architecture.
  • Eyebrow staffs齐眉棍: A kind of staff weapon, its length is usually equal to the height from the ground to one’s eyebrows.


  • Supreme Clarity Alchemy School上清丹鼎派: Alchemy schools are Taoist schools that study alchemy, and this one was called Supreme Clarity.
  • Mysterious Insight School洞玄派
  • HongFu Escort Team洪福镖局:

Hong=A flood/Huge and powerful, like a flood



  • Observing a leopard through a bamboo tube, one could only see a spot on its fur管中窥豹,可见一斑: To have a limited view of sth.
  • To refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit敬酒不吃吃罚酒: To be compelled to do something after initially refusing.
  • A long night is usually fraught with dreams夜长梦多: Unexpected troubles may happen if the work is not done quickly.
  • His face was as clean as the jade on people’s hats面如冠玉: He was handsome. An ornamental piece of jade which adorns a hat shows the person’s social status, so it is usually pure and beautiful.
  • The water flowing through a channel水到渠成: Something which comes naturally
  • So angry that their hair stands up and raises their hats from their head怒发冲冠: An exaggerated expression of anger.
  • The seven emotions and six desires七情六欲:

7 emotions=Joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate and desire.

6 desires=The desire to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel.

  • To pour daigo on one’s head醍醐灌顶: To enlighten someone with perfect wisdom.
  • A child with a yellow beak黄口小儿: Used to describe someone who is really young and naive, because young birds usually have yellow beaks.
  • Short clothes短打扮: Short clothes are not shorts or clothes with short sleeves, they are actually non-robe clothes. Robes/dresses are commonly wore by both men and women in ancient China, while trousers are only wore by (male) farmers, workers and soldiers.
  • A embroidered pillow绣花枕头: Someone who looks good outwardly, but empty inside.
  • Pigs and dogs猪狗: People of very low status

6 tradional domestic animals in China: Horses, cattles, sheeps, pigs, dogs and chickens.

  • Locations

  • The Great Qing Empire大庆: Qing=To congratulate
  • Xiang Province襄州: Xiang=To farm
  • Ding Province定州: Ding=Peace.
  • Gai County盖县: Gai=A lid of a container.
  • Qing River County清河县: Qing=Clear
  • Qing River Town清河镇
  • Wei City渭城:Wei=Name of a river
  • Luo City洛城:Luo=Rivers
  • Hun City珲城:Hun=A beautiful jade

Side Characters

  • Xing Li邢立: Senior officer of Qing River Town

Li=To stand

  • Xin the hunter辛猎户
  • Shen ZhiMo 沈知墨: The magistrate of Qing River county.

Zhi=To know, Mo=Ink

  • (Shen) LiHeng立恒: Son of the magistrate

Li=To stand, Heng=Constantly

  • ChiSongZi赤松子: The Taoist name of the teenage priest. Every cultivator will get a new name when they enter the sects.ChiSong=Red pineZi=A suffix used for a wise or learned man. For example, Confucius(KongZi)LaoZi
  • KangCangZi亢仓子: KangCang=tall granary
  • Qiao DuanHong乔段洪: Leader of HongFu Escort TeamDuan=A partHong=A flood/Huge and powerful, like a flood
  • Qiao JiaXin乔嘉欣: Daughter of Qiao DuanHong.

Jia=Nice, Xin=Joyful

  • Qiao SiFu乔四福: A driver of HongFu Escort Team.Si=FourFu=HappinessFive forms of happiness=Longevity, wealth, health, kindness and a natural death.

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      1. My translation is an English term with the same meaning as the Chinese one, yours is a randomly transliterated one.


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